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If you’re buying a house in Minnesota and you want to have it tested for radon as part of your inspection contingency, here’s a list of six items that the EPA says you should consider before you have the test conducted. Where the radon test will be located. The radon test should be placed in the lowest level of the home that could be used regularly, whether it’s finished or not. I’ve said before that radon tests should never be placed in crawl spaces, but what if the basement ceiling.

However, many counties in Southeast Michigan fall within the EPA’s "Zone 1," which means that many homes may have radon levels that are too high (at or above 4 picocuries per liter), and, therefore, should undergo mitigation.

The fix basically seals the floor of the basement, sucks the air underneath it and blows it out the side through a tube/fan combination. PVC pipe plus a fan. Ask your agent if radon is prevalent in the area. My area is rife with radon, and radon mitigation systems are everywhere.

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When to test your home for radon By Robert Ashley. Based on an analysis of radon levels in the control group, the study concluded that increased radon levels led to increased rates of lung.